This brand new product for washing and waxing without water allows a shiny finish after one operation. The phrase « spray and wipe » saves time and effort while cleaning and protecting aircraft surfaces. STARSHINE is non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable, safe for the user and the plane. It cleans dirt and grease without scratching surfaces and windows. The glossy finish is antistatic and repels dust while reducing the drag of the
aircraft. It leaves no residue on the rivets and can be used on interior surfaces. This product is excellent for cleaning surfaces covered with insect remains.

Item Unit/Crate Format Weight Price/Unit
N206 6 946 ml 6 kg 17,49 $
N207 4 3,78 lt 18 kg 48,54 $
N208 1 18,9 lt 19 kg 188,55 $