The SHOW ROOM 3IN1 is an express polishing wax, which is a unique combination of Carnauba PPTFE and natural surfactant that promotes shine, slip and waterless cleaning painted or plastic surfaces. Easier to use, spray and wipe for a mirror finish, especially on darker colors. By its transparent formula, it does not stain plastic and rubber.

This express polishing wax protects and shines your investment by preserving and renewing the original shine. It easily cleans fingerprints and eliminates whirl marks on new vehicles. He leaves a great shine. Ten minutes to polish a vehicle providing a high gloss.

Item Unite/Crate Format Weight Price/Unit
604-016 6 500 ml 4kg 12,87$
604-032 6 1 lt 7 kg 21,08$
605-01 4 3,78lt 18 kg 65,45$
605-05 1 18,9 lt 20 kg 181.39 $