Autochem presents POLY GLAZE, a polymers liquid wax, one of the most revolutionary ever created to shine your car. This non-abrasive formula combines the durability of synthetic polymers, the brightness of the carnauba wax and glide of PTFE to optimize your paint protection against the harmful effects of the environment such as soot, acid rain, UV rays, sap bird droppings, automatic car washes and road salt.

A major advantage is the durability of the polymer making it an excellent product to seal the paint. Its protection lasts longer than all natural wax and the shine obtained by carnauba highlights the depth and richness of dark colors to give a mirror effect.

This unique wax can be placed in the sun or on a hot surface, heat it will catalyze the wax to offer exceptional durability. Consumers, professionals and car enthusiasts use POLY GLAZE worldwide.

Item Unite/Crate Format Weight Price/Unit
600-016 6 500 ml 500 ml 4 kg 20,72$
601-032 6 1 lt 1 lt 7 kg 30,62 $