Thanks to its special formula composed of hydrophobic agents and natural waxes, COLD WAX is a cold spray wax that keeps your car clean and gives the paint another shine. It revives and strengthens the shine of the paint. This ultra powerful concentrated cold wax new generation has three functions: water-repellent effect, drying and shine.

This wax can be used after washing, it instantaneously breaks the water film or foam, ensures a rinsing and fast drying. Without silicone, it is safe for bodywork. It does not leave a greasy film on the windows and body and increases the easy drying without any spots on the paint and does not stain plastics and rubbers.

Item Unit/crate Format Weight Price/Unit
650-016 6 500 ml 4kg 9,90$
650-032 6 1 lt 7kg 14,65 $
650-01 4 3,78 lt 16 kg 31,83 $
650-05 1 18,9 lt 18 kg 130,68 $